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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to Identify Taazi Traitors and Pro Hezbollah Occupiers of Iran?

President Bush hailed his valiance and called for his release, authorizing $75 million in funding this year to support Iran's democratic opposition.

But Ganji, a former member of the Revolutionary Guards who is now regarded as one of Iran's leading journalists and dissidents, has come to California to deliver what may seem a counterintuitive message: Leave Iran alone.

In interviews, talks with scholars and an appearance last week at a celebrity-studded gathering sponsored by actor Sean Penn and producer Mike Medavoy, Ganji pressed his view that U.S. funding of dissidents would only give the Iranian regime an excuse for further crackdowns. Already, he said, the regime is trying to marginalize the opposition as "foreign agents" and has dramatically increased censorship and other oppressive measures.

Ganji is asking to appease Mullahs and after 100 years the IslamoFascist might change. Don't help freedom-loving opposition to Mullahs and let the regime spend billions of dollars (stolen oil money) for Terror, Torture and killing oppositions. Shame on anyone who agrees with this garbage. He is new Khatami to appease Mullahs and Islam. All pro Hezbollah followers of Islam in Iran are "Taazi agents" which is much worst than being "foreign agents".

If Mr. Ganji can change the Islamofascist regime by himself why he has not been able to do it in past 27 years?

What Mr. Ganji and his friends are suggesting to US: don't help opposition to Islamofascist Terror and Torture Master so they can stay in power longer and spend the stolen Iranian oil money for Hezbollah Missiles and let the Islamist to create another Sept 11 and possibly use nuclear weapon. These kind of statements is proving who is working for freeing their homeland and who is traitor.

I am sorry for those US officials that are lisenting to these stupid garbage from Ganji, Iranian Proffessors who are serving Taazi interest in US, EU3 .... for their own bloody agenda.

Someone should ask these fools if freedom-loving Iranian people with 150,000 political executions and 500,000 torture victims could have freed Iran without outside help they would have done it in past 27 years.

On one side Taazi Islamofascists with billions of stolen oil money and on the other side millions of freedom-loving Iranian people without any resources and help from US ...

If US would have helped freedom-loving Iranian people against Taazi Islamist Sept. 11 would not happen, Hezbollah would not exist without stolen Iranian people Oil money, free world would not have so much problem with Islamist and today we did not need to worry about Apocalypse Now? by MAD Islamists ....

Now it has become too late to help freedom-loving Iranian people to send the Taazi Mullahs to dustbin of history by themselves ... count down to War has already started by Pro Hezbollah Islamist occupiers of Iran .....
As we all know the outcome of any War is not going to be pleasent .....

Mr. Ganji if you and your fellow revolutionary guard traitors who served the Mullahs in past 27 years, cared about Iranian people National Interest then they would have put bullets into head of all top Mullahs and all your MAD fellow Islamists and today the freedom-loving Iranian people did not need to ask for outside help .... Shame on You and Shame on All who supported this Islamofascist regime in past 27 years .....


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